MLB Owners Must Vote to Add 'Manager Challenges' to Instant Replay

By Andrew Fisher
Bud Selig
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Torre revealed a few weeks back that MLB was making real progress towards expanding instant replay. Baseball fans everywhere were thrilled with the the news, but also took it with a grain of salt, considering MLB’s history of changing with the times. But now it appears things have progressed to the point where replay could be expanded by next season. A vote is currently on the table with team owners that would add ‘manager challenges’ to MLB’s replay process.

Those who are against replay argue that it will extend game times. While that could be true, this new challenge system is now the equivalent to a manger wasting time and arguing with an umpire. In the new proposed system, on-field umpires would have the play reviewed by a crew at MLB headquarters. All conspiracy theories aside, it’s a much better system.

The point in all of this is to get the calls right. Every other major American sport has expanded its replay system but baseball. It’s now time for the team owners to step up to the plate and pass this proposed change to the game. There’s nothing wrong with empowering managers with the ability to challenge a call they think the umpires have gotten wrong. People make mistakes and it’s time baseball started limiting its mistakes.

I believe that MLB can start a new chapter in its long history by continuing to clean up PED use and by expanding instant replay.


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