What New York Mets Could Do With Wilmer Flores If They Decide To Keep Ike Davis

By Steven Carollo
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

I’d written previously that I think the New York Mets should get rid of underachieving first baseman Ike Davis in order for up-and-coming rookie Wilmer Flores to take over first base duties. In his only week in the big leagues, Flores has already shown that he can hit and consistently make contact, which is something that Davis struggles immensely at.

However, the potential with Davis is still there, it is still very possible for the Mets to decide to keep him. With Mets manager Terry Collins and the organization wanting Flores’ bat in the lineup now and in the future, where would he play if New York decides to keep Davis?

Well, since Collins seems pretty adamant about not playing Flores at first base or in the outfield at all, and since the scouting report on Flores is that he does not have the range to play shortstop, maybe his future is at the position that he was playing at in the minor leagues before his call up: second base.

That causes a problem, though. The Mets’ current second baseman is Daniel Murphy. And since Murphy has proven in the past that he cannot play any position outside of second, the Mets’ only option would be to trade him. Automatically, a majority of Mets fans would be against this since Murphy is a fan favorite, but not me.

There is no more upside to Murphy then what we have already seen from him these past few seasons with the Mets. He is a career .280 hitter with limited power and can’t field. He is a nice guy and all, but this is a business, and if the Mets truly believe that Flores can greatly improve the team’s offense, then they might decide to go the route of shopping Murphy around.

As a Mets fan myself, I would rather see Ike go instead of Murphy, but I would be content with either decision. What about you?

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