Alex Rodriguez Will Hit All-Time Low if His Camp Truly Leaked Biogenesis Docs

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought Alex Rodriguez couldn’t sink any lower or that his ‘legacy’ wasn’t going to take another hit, rumors of a leaked document have started to swirl. Everyone of course remembers the leaked Biogenesis documents from earlier in the year. The Miami New Times got a copy with a few names blacked out and then Yahoo Sports later got one that had all the names revealed. Both lists had Alex Rodriguez’s name, but only the second one had Ryan Braun‘s name. The latest rumor is that A-Rod’s camp leaked the document with Braun’s name to implicate another big star, and to deflect attention away from A-Rod.

Normally, you could dismiss this as internet chatter. But the story is from 60 Minutes, one of the most respected shows of all-time.

If all this turns out to be true, what a nightmare it’s going to be for A-Rod. People already don’t like the fact that he’s appealing his suspension and not just taking it and moving on. If it turns about to be true that his camp leaked a document shed light on Braun’s involvement with Biogenesis, then that’s just sad. Busch League would be another good term for it, but call it whatever you want, it’s real low.

A-Rod clearly has no shame at this point and I guess it’s not really that surprising (if true). If he knew he was going down, I suppose he may have thought bringing others with him was the best strategy. Who knows what goes on in his classless mind, though?

We’ll see how all this plays out, but if the document came from Rodriguez’s camp, I believe it will be the final straw for the small amount of supporters he has left.


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