Detroit Tigers' Offense Continues To Baffle

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Danny Duffy went 5.2 innings for the Kansas City Royals without allowing a hit on Wednesday, and the Detroit Tigers could only muster two hits the entire game, falling to the Royals 2-1 in a head-scratching game that left all Tigers fans confused.

Who is Danny Duffy? He has a name resembling more of a singer in a casino showroom than a starting pitcher who is able to dominate one of the supposed best offenses in baseball. Okay, so maybe that as a bit facetious as he’s a former a top prospect a fair amount of pedigree, but you could replace Duffy with any number of pitchers, and the result would be the same: the Tigers offense is a jumbled, confusing group.

Statistically, the Tigers are at the top of several offensive categories, but statistics don’t have eyes; and if it did and saw some of the performances this season, it would realize that this offense can’t be explained in numbers.

It seems that the Tigers’ offense actually enjoys facing premier pitching more than it does unproven quantities. It also seems that the Tigers have an offense spottier than your cell phone reception at the Grand Canyon. It can lash out at any moment, but can sleep for hours upon end, just waiting for someone to feed it like your family cat.

What’s even more frustrating is that they are consistently adding new pieces to the offense, and yet there is still an uneasy inconsistency that remains. On paper, and even sometimes in games, this offense resembles a World Series-caliber one; but far too often, they allows pitchers like Duffy to baffle them into submission.

Fans can tip their caps to a well-thrown game today, but you can only tip your hat so many times before it falls off and drowns in a lake. The Tigers shouldn’t let their hats fall and drown in a lake.

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