New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Embarrasingly Rats Out Ryan Braun

By Steven Carollo
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

According to 60 Minutes, reports have surfaced that Alex Rodriguez‘s “people” actually leaked documents implicating many players linked to MLB‘s Biogenesis scandal. In those leaked documents were names like Milwaukee Brewers‘ Ryan Braun, and even his own New York Yankees teammate Francisco Cervelli.

Not only is he throwing his baseball brethren under the bus, which will result in his alienation from almost all of the players around the league, but he has violated the CBA’s confidentiality clause in doing so.

I don’t know why this news about A-Rod shocks me. The man is obviously the definition of delusional.

We have known now for a while that A-Rod “supposedly” interfered with MLB’s investigation, but now we find out his reason why was to further implicate more players other than himself. What a very hypocritical way to clean up the game. The way I take this news is that Rodriguez is very against PEDs … but still thinks its alright for him to use them.

Talk about gaining an advantage. This is just so wrong on so many levels that I cannot even process the selfishness and stupidity going on in Rodriguez’s head.

The more he opens up his mouth, the more I want MLB commissioner Bud Selig to hand him down a lifetime ban and finally kick his sorry behind out of the game forever. I think this is really embarrassing. A sheer joke led by the head jester Alex Rodriguez.

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