Philadelphia Phillies Hire Ryne Sandberg: Good Move but Changes Nothing

By David Miller
Ryne Sandberg
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I think it was pretty obvious that the Philadelphia Phillies needed to change something big this season in order to have a chance to compete. Now that they are completely out of the playoff race, Ruben Amaro Jr has decided a change at manager is the right place to begin. Effective immediately the new manger of the Phillies is Chicago Cubs legendary second baseman Ryne Sandberg. Sandberg is a good choice for the position but unfortunately is not the answer to the Phillies troubles.

The choice of Sandberg as manager is better as a choice than the choice of firing Charlie Manuel. This is the case because the problem in Philadelphia has little or nothing at all to do with the managerial position and everything to do with the general manager. Amaro has constantly refused to rebuild the team and so the same bunch that was contending and winning a World Series years ago is over the hill now. Now his veteran players are passed the point of their best seasons so no one really wants to take on their contract in a trade. So what does Amaro do? He extends some of them further.

News flash Amaro, you cannot rebuild a team with all the same players. You can’t really call it a rebuild if only a couple of players change. Basically, the deck is already stacked against Sandberg. Maybe he will be the spark that they need though. I don’t mean the spark that the players need but rather the spark that Amaro needs to actually make changes to his team before they start racking up 100 loss seasons.

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