Blown Calls Could Affect New York Yankees' Chance for Playoffs

By Adam Fischer
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Umpires are really starting to negatively affect the game. The New York Yankees wouldn’t have given up three runs against the Boston Red Sox in the fourth inning if not for a bad call. Although Alex Rodriguez was late to get to third on a stolen base attempt, he did make the tag on Mike Carp, and the third base umpire blew the call.

The ump was out of position, which has happened a lot around the league this year, and he made an incorrect ruling. Hiroki Kuroda proceeded to give up two extra runs when the inning should have been over after he struck out Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

In the top half of the inning, Alfonso Soriano led off with a single and was caught stealing second. The problem was that he was actually safe. Rodriguez then struck out, but Curtis Granderson blooped a single down the right field line, which would have easily scored Soriano from second if the umpire had made the correct call.

The new ruling that should take place next year that gives managers the ability to challenge an umpire’s ruling can’t come soon enough. Sure, it might not be the perfect system, but the “human element” part of the game is becoming very frustrating, and the mistakes are ever more apparent with all of the camera angles available at ball games.

The biggest problem is that these blown calls are affecting games and, in turn, affecting playoff races. Every other sports league has a plethora of replay options, and next year is not soon enough to get MLB out of the Stone Age.

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