California Dreams Continue for Houston Astros

By Daniel Jamieson
Thomas Campbell – USA Today Sports

Following on from the week-ending series win against the Oakland Athletics, the Houston Astros began their weekend series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim with a resounding victory.

The series win over Oakland was the Astros’ first since June, and it was a welcomed change against a division rival that had dominated them all season.

The Angels were touted early in the season as one of the favorites for the championship. Exorbitant contracts pushing half a billion dollars in total were signed to bring in sluggers Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton, and they seemed to be on their way to buying a title. Both players, however, have been busts. Pujols has been injured for months and Hamilton is producing his worst numbers ever — a great example of just how dangerous gambling can be in management.

Houston came to town with the worst record in the majors, but they also came with a young, vibrant group of guys who all have so much to prove.

Going into the ninth inning, the Astros held a 4-2 lead and with their habit of blowing games at the dying stages, it was impossible to rest easy. Back-to-back home runs from Chris Carter (who had a five RBI night) and Matt Dominguez added four to the score. The Angels came up in the bottom of the ninth down 8-2 and looked absolutely deflated. They couldn’t do much.

Having won three out of their last four and looking like they’re having real fun at this point on their travels, things look good for the Astros to do the same again tomorrow.

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