Miguel Tejada Has Fallen A Long Way Since Winning MVP

By Andrew Fisher
Miguel Tejada
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

11 years ago Miguel Tejada was the MVP in MLB. Now, he’s a washed up old player who’s been suspended for using Adderall. The harsh reality is this suspension could end Tejada’s once great career. He’ll be 40 next season and it’s hard to imagine a team wanting him, but he says that he has no plans to retire.

This 105-game suspension isn’t being viewed as harshly as the recent PED suspensions, mainly because Tejada has A.D.D. and uses the drug to help him focus. If he truly has the disorder, then it’s too bad that he has to pay for it by being suspended. But rules are rules and his suspension won’t be overturned.

Even if Tejada does play again, what will it really matter? He’s a shell of his former self and he’s not even close to being the same player that won MVP in 2002. I think that he was juicing and performance-enhancing, because he was a different player back then. Age has definitely played a part in his decline, but I believe Tejada’s good years were influenced heavily by PEDs.

Fans forget that this a guy who was found guilty of lying to Congress about drug use. He’s been mentioned by Jose Canseco and his name appeared in the Mitchell report. Tejada has never fully come clean on how much he was using, but I think it’s clear that he was a good baseball player who got really good for awhile by cheating.

His career is going to end somewhat sadly, but hey, he’s had a good run. He won’t be remembered for long after he retires and he’ll just be another guy in baseball history that cheated his way to the top for a brief period. Still, I do respect that he still wants to play at age 39. You’d think he must truly like the game of baseball, then again, maybe he just likes the paychecks.


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