Miguel Tejada Suspension Shows Zero Tolerance but Smells Fishy

By David Miller
Miguel Tejada
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I hate the idea that someone could get away with using PEDs and boost their performance. To that end I appreciate the zero tolerance policy that seems to be placed on display now as MLB has suspended Miguel Tejada of the Kansas City Royals for 105 games for testing positive for Adderall which is a stimulant used to treat ADHD. This suspension does in fact show that MLB is serious about holding to their specific policy for testing and prevention of drugs. It also stinks because Tejada actually does use the medicine for the correct prescribed purpose and MLB simply made an example out of him.

To say I suspect MLB of doing something technically wrong would not be correct. Their policy is in place and I get that it is in place for a reason. They want to stick to it and that is wonderful. However I wonder why Tejada and why now? He isn’t playing because he is injured and was already talking about retirement to some people before this story broke. Is it possible that MLB only tested Tejada because they knew they had not approved his Therapeutic Use Exemption? Of course it’s possible. In fact it seems like just the kind of thing Bud Selig would want done.

It seems fairly obvious to me that MLB knew that Tejada’s previous exemption expired on April 15 of this year. He had re-applied for the exemption and while they approve a lot of these each year, Tejada still was in the re-applying stage. Using while re-applying is against the rules so technically they had the right to levy a 25 game suspension against him earlier in the season. They didn’t however because they waited until they tested and got another positive so they could use a really big number like 105. Ohs on three… 1 – 2 – 3: ooooooh!

Honestly, I feel for Tejada. It is understandable to me that while he was waiting for MLB to approve his re-application for an exemption, he didn’t want his ADHD to just run rampant over his life. After all; that is a disorder that goes beyond the baseball field. MLB knew it was important to him and a legit medical situation but instead of approving his application, they waited, tested him twice and then smiled for the cameras while proving that they were serious about their little PED plan.

It is technically okay but morally wrong to make an example out of someone they knew had real life medical reasons to use the drug. I hate this move by MLB and it just goes to show that a dirty group of suits who want to prove a point will go to any lengths to do so. I wish Tejada all the best of luck in his recovery and/or retirement. MLB: you make me want to puke.

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