Minnesota Twins are Best Bad Team in Major League Baseball

By David Miller
Ron Gardenhire
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At a time where winning is not only everything but it is the only thing, the Minnesota Twins manage to keep things a little less stressful. Ron Gardenhire has been the manager of the same team, the Twins, for a dozen years. That by itself is news in Major League Baseball today. There are always rumors that he’ll be the next manager to get the axe but he is still around and still doing a good job.

He isn’t someone that gets all of the, or even one of the high priced free agents. Going into the season he knows that the deck will be stacked against his guys. Yet each and every season his team has a chance in spite of these circumstances. He has found a way to make the Twins the best bad team in all of baseball.

He said recently in an article on the team’s official site that he still is going to go out and try to win games and have fun. Gardy and his guys go out and most of them actually have a little fun playing the game of baseball on a daily basis. Imagine that oddity in the sport of baseball. They aren’t going to win this year but it looks like they aren’t finishing close to last either. That is how the Twins work.

Whether it is next year or the next, there will be another hot young star that arrives on the scene in Minnesota. He’ll take the team by storm, love playing there and build his young career to the point where he will have to go somewhere else. In the meantime however, this manager will have his team winning games. You never know when the Twins will strike but they will win again and unless someone is dumb enough to change something, they’ll do it with Gardy in charge.

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