Chicago White Sox Have been Winning since Alex Rios Trade

By David Miller
Gordon Beckham
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure by this point roughly 80 percent of the world population knows how disappointing the Chicago White Sox season has been in 2013. As we all know it led to a huge sale of a great deal of their high dollar players including the long rumored move of outfielder Alex Rios. Rios was having issues about as much as the team itself was by the time he was picked up by the Texas Rangers. Ever since the deal was done however, Rios has been very productive. He isn’t the only one that has been better since his trade however. The White Sox have played better as well.

The trade was finalized and announced on August  9. On that date the White Sox had a record of 43 – 71. Today, after cementing a three game winning streak against the Minnesota Twins, the Sox are 49 – 74. That record won’t win them an ice cream cone down the street from the ballpark, but it sure does point out that they have been an impressive 6 – 3 since the Rios trade. Is it actually possible that trading one of their strongest players made them better? Apparently it is.

By the time he was actually traded the distraction of being rumored to leave for so long was really becoming a problem. He was beginning to look a lot like Justin Upton last season when he grew so frustrated because the Arizona Diamondbacks shopped him around. The White Sox did well to not wait until the off-season however because they got a decent return for Rios and apparently are better off at least without the distraction that the situation had become. Now the Sox can focus on becoming a team and hopefully for their sake and their fans sake, be better next season.

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