New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez Are Not on Speaking Terms

By Adam Fischer
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees‘ front office and Alex Rodriguez are not on speaking terms anymore. The saga between the two parties has been, to put it politely, tumultuous. The newest twist to the story is that A-Rod’s camp is claiming that the Yankees hid his MRI results that showed he was injured in last year’s playoffs.

Rodriguez struggled mightily in the postseason last year, even being benched at one point because of his horrendous play. But, what really irked the organization was that it was reported when A-Rod was benched, he asked for a girl’s phone number in the stands, completely ignoring the magnitude of the game and didn’t feel any remorse of being benched during a critical point in a playoff game for a team that had the best record in the American League that year.

That’s when the bad blood between A-Rod and the Yanks began, and it hasn’t cooled down at all; in fact, it has gotten a lot worse. Now, the only thing that general manager Brian Cashman would utter to Rodriguez is “hello” and “goodbye.” He said that he doesn’t feel comfortable speaking to A-Rod, because he feels “we’re in a litigious environment.”

A-Rod has to make everyone in the clubhouse feel uncomfortable because of the situation he is in, and the fact that they need his production on the field. It puts the team in flux, because no matter how they personally feel about A-Rod and his off-the-field issues, they can’t say anything to the media. But as long as he continues to produce, he has to be put back in the lineup every day because the Yankees simply need his bat. This drama will continue for the rest of the season, and will only end when an arbitrator hears his case, and ultimately makes a final decision.

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