No Matter What Front Office Thinks, Joe Girardi Wants Alex Rodriguez On New York Yankees

By Nick Villano
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees made a statement with quite possibly their biggest win of the season. They beat the Boston Red Sox with their “ace” C.C. Sabathia on the mound. They got another bad performance from him, but this time they found their scoring touch and won the game 9-6.

Mariano Rivera made his first appearance since he blew three straight saves in a row. He pitched a scoreless ninth for his 36th save. Alfonso Soriano finally saw his incredible hot streak come to an end with an 0-for-6 night. It was one of the more dramatic comeback wins the Yanks have had in a long time.

Even though you could pick any one of those and make a story out of it on a normal night, there was only one story tonight. Alex Rodriguez will take all of the headlines from the game. It isn’t something new as A-Rod has been in the headlines on a daily basis, most of which are not good.

Tonight, the news was finally good.

One thing became clear tonight. No matter what Brian Cashman wants, what Randy Levine wants, or what the Steinbrenners think, Joe Girardi wants Rodriguez on this team. Ryan Dempster clearly purposely threw at Rodriguez, and when he was not ejected, the Yankees manager went ballistic.

He came running out of the dugout to get straight into the face of home plate umpire Brian O’Nora. He obviously wanted Dempster to get thrown out when he missed on the first attempt to hit his third baseman, but then proceeded to throw three more pitches inside until he hit him.

It was only the second inning, but this Yankees team knows how quickly a game can get out of hand. The team was already down 2-0 and Sabathia didn’t seem like he was going to hold it to that. Girardi may have been kicked out of the game, but what he did accomplished more for his team than anything he could have done on the bench.

This team will not put anything above winning. They don’t care about what happens with Rodriguez outside of baseball as long as he is producing while he is on the field. The fact of the matter is that he is indeed producing since he has been in the lineup.

There is no doubt that the front office wants to get the contract and distraction that is Alex Rodriguez off the field, but Girardi feels differently. As long as he keeps playing the way he has and the Yankees keep winning, his coach will keep fighting for him.

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