Ryan Dempster Hitting Alex Rodriguez Was a Little Busch League, But Who Cares?

By Andrew Fisher
Alex Rodriguez
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Poor little Alex Rodriguez. He got hit by a Ryan Dempster fastball on Sunday Night Baseball and now people are actually coming to his defense. It’s not shocking, because people in this country flip-flop all the time. One minute they’re outraged that he’s a lie and a cheat. The next minute they can’t believe that someone would intentionally throw at him.

If you’re looking at this just on case-by-case basis, then I see how you could view Dempster hitting A-Rod as Busch League. In the moment, what he did was over the line. But in the scheme of things, who really cares? The biggest dark cloud in the game of baseball got plunked on a 3-0 pitch – big deal.

That baseball connecting with A-Fraud’s arm was just a little justice. Dempster is a player that most would consider ‘one of the boys.’ Well, the boys in baseball are tired of this buffoon giving their game a bad name. Pitchers send messages by hitting  batters. That’s how it’s always been. To me, this message to A-Rod was a loud and clear FU. It was an FU for all the crap he’s pulled and all the people he’s drug through the mud along the way.

Don’t have any sympathy for him on any level. Yeah, Dempster kind of put in him jeopardy by throwing inside. Sure, he could have gotten hurt. But he didn’t. He took it like a man for once and then came back and went yard on him a few innings later. Heck, that was the first time Rodriguez has looked like a real baseball player in years. He should probably thank Dempster for lighting a much needed fire under him.

But the harsh reality for A-Fraud is that was he does on the field at this point is irrelevant. It’s only a matter of time before his appeal is denied and he gets what’s coming to him.


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