Ryan Dempster Intentionally Hitting Alex Rodriguez Shows Boston Red Sox’ True Colors

Ryan Dempster

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Dempster may be a saint to lots of MLB fans after intentionally throwing at, and finally hitting, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. But honestly, this event just shows the Boston Red Sox‘ true colors.

How, you may ask?

Well, this isn’t the first player intentionally hit by the Red Sox in 2013. Remember when John Lackey purposely beaned Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Matt Joyce earlier in 2013 for celebrating a home run during his previous at-bat? It served literally no purpose except to try and injure an opponent.

On a slightly different note, Dempster hitting Rodriguez might have had some merit, considering A-Rod’s involvement in the whole PED scandal. Many feel he shouldn’t be playing, and they may have a valid point.

That being said, the Red Sox have no business trying to plunk anyone because they made a mistake. Especially considering David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez were involved in PED scandals themselves years ago. Both could be clean now, but who knows?

Personally, I feel this is a blatant attempt to injure Rodriguez more than anything else. That’s because Dempster threw at him three — yes, three — different times before finally connecting. Such an attempt to injure shows that the Red Sox will do anything they can to win. That includes taking out and possibly ending an opponent’s career.

And if they end up ruining a player’s life along the way, so be it.

Is that the right way to approach things? No. But when it comes to the Red Sox, nothing less should be expected. Just ask A-Rod or Joyce.


Lauren Burg is a Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL and MLB writer for RantSports.com. Follow her on Twitter, like her on Facebook and join her Google network.

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  • Phil Naegely

    Sure Ortiz was said to have taken PEDs, but no one will tell him what he took that was quote a “banned substance”
    Either way all of A-Rod’s stats right now should be taken away if and when he is suspended after all the appeals.
    Great take though.

    • samantha657

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    • Lauren Burg

      I have no problem with A-Rod being punished, but trying to injure him because of the PED scandal? That’s kind of wrong, especially coming from the Red Sox who’ve had their own PED users in the past.

      Thanks for reading!