San Francisco Giants’ Buster Posey isn’t Close to MVP Stats in 2013

By David Miller
Buster Posey
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Will the real Buster Posey please stand up? I think the real Posey is the one that stood up last season and blew away the National League to win the Most Valuable Player award. I also think the one this year is the real Posey as well. He is a very good offensive hitter but he is also a catcher. He is a catcher first and foremost actually and that takes a huge toll on his seasonal statistics. There is a reason that a catcher who has steadily top of the league stats is a hall-of-famer. It is very difficult to do.

Posey will be fine though. In the end he might never get the stats that he saw last season again. Chances are that the average for his career when he is all done will be somewhere between last season and the stats he is putting up this season. He is still batting over .300, if barely so. His catching duties have been pretty good as well. What has happened is what happens to a lot of catchers. His average and output is slumping a little down the stretch. He is tired, his team is obviously losing this season and it really can’t be asked of him to repeat last year at this point.

I don’t think the blame for the San Francisco Giants not winning falls on his shoulders either. A lot of guys on the Giants, most importantly those on the starting pitching staff have not given their normal contribution to the team this season. In fact the most drop off from last year to this certainly would belong to one of the starters and not Posey. He is good. He is one of the better catchers in the National League. Sometimes he’s just going to have a not so perfect season. We’ll just have to accept it and move on.

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