Troy Tulowitzki Handling Ryan Braun Connection Like a Pro

By David Miller

Ryan Braun has been suspended for 65 games because of PED usage and by now the entire world knows it. Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies might know it as well as anyone. Not only was he one of the two players that Braun beat out for the 2011 MVP award but he also has been called a friend of Braun’s which unfortunately brings with it tons of questions. Through all of the media garbage that has been thrown in his direction regarding his friendship with Braun, Tulowitzki has been nothing but professional.

Not once did he say that Braun was innocent but he also stopped short of condemning him to MLB land of the dead because of what he was suspended for. I understand that some players have a huge problem with other players using PEDs. Believe me I get it. That is not a reason to behave in a childish way though. Braun has been accused of seeking out Tulo and asking specifically for support but that didn’t happen either.

All Tulo has done with Braun can be seen coupled together as something a good friend would do. That is interesting because that is exactly what Tulo said the situation was. The two are friends and have been since they were part of the same draft class. They stay in touch and still do even after the PED suspension. Imagine that! Someone that will accept another person’s wrong doings, forgive him and continue to just be a friend. I wonder if MLB and the world as a whole would be better if we all treated each other that way.

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