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5 Reasons Why Detroit Tigers Shouldn’t Call Nick Castellanos Up

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5 Reasons Why Detroit Tigers Shouldn't Call Nick Castellanos Up

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Detroit Tigers' fans have been clamoring for Nick Castellanos to make his major league debut all season. Some of it had to do with the fact that some of the current Tigers were struggling offensively, but it mostly stemmed from the fact that he has been hyped up as the team's top prospect for a while now.

A lot of it has to do with the unknown. Fans assume that because he has been touted as one of the Tigers' future corner outfielders that he will automatically be successful. It also might have something to do with the fact that he's had impressive stretches with the Toledo Mud Hens.

The bottom line is that the Tigers would be foolish to take at-bats away from current Tigers' players who have been with the team all year to give them to a 21-year-old who hasn't exactly hit the cover off the ball one level beneath MLB.

The Tigers made a statement to Castellanos by keeping him around at the trade deadline. They could have gotten essentially whoever they wanted at the trade deadline if they had thrown him into a package but decided against it. The Tigers would be better off if they were to ride out the seasons that their current players are having rather than to experiment with a guy who has yet to see major league pitching. It is far too late to learn what major league pitcher's pitches look like now to have an impact this year.

There's no need to rush him. If they were to call him up, the only beneficial reason for it would be to let him experience the atmosphere of really important games, but he can do that from the bench for this year.

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5. Andy Dirks Has Been Picking Up Slack Lately

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Andy Dirks hasn't had the greatest season at the plate, but he is finally starting to come around offensively. He also has one thing Castellanos won't have heading into the end of the season: Playoff experience.

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4. He's not Avisail Garcia

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Just because Avisail Garcia was able to have an impact for the Tigers at the end of 2012 doesn't mean Castellanos will. He's not as good defensively and fans shouldn't think Castellanos would be able to replicate Garcia's success.

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3. Don't Want to Stunt His Growth

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Castellanos has had really good stretches this season with triple-A Toledo, but has also struggled through a couple hard times. It would be best if the Tigers told him ahead of time that he wasn't going to get a shot until next year. They traded Garcia away because they believe in his future, and there's no need to rush him.

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2. Tigers Already Have Right-Handed Power Hitter in LF

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Matt Tuiasosopo has been everything the Tigers hoped he would when they signed him in the offseason. It doesn't make a lot of sense to usurp a current Tiger for one who has never seen a major league at-bat. They are similar players, and the only real difference is that one has been with the big club all year.

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1. He's Simply Not Ready

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Castellanos is hitting .277 in triple-A and couldn't be expected to hit at an even higher rate than he is now. He also has just 15 home runs, so it's not like he would give the Tigers a jolt of power they don't already have. In addition, his inexperience in the outfield would be a scary proposition when the Tigers need players to be comfortable defensively.