Jose Bautista's Injury Continues Good Times For 2013 Toronto Blue Jays

By Thom Tsang
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If the goal of the Toronto Blue Jays in 2013 were to push a revitalized fan base to its absolute breaking point, then this team has been an absolute, unequivocal success. It’s been truly a team effort too, from the starting pitching to the offense, all the way to the baseball gods helping out be dishing out a number of injuries to key players.

And like every great team leader does, of course you knew Jose Bautista was going to join in on the fun at some point:

What’s that? The goal was actually to win games and make it to the postseason for the first time in a couple of decades? Oh.

In an unprecedented move to describe the injury, the team has called the slugger’s status day-to-day, which likely means that he’ll be just 100 percent for tomorrow after getting some rest in the night part of the team’s Tuesday doubleheader … wait, that’s right, it actually doesn’t mean that at all.

But what do fans know, right? It’s not as if they have been following the bluebirds’ nightmare 2013 season and have share every disappointment with the team or anything (to be fair, of course, it’s probably far more frustrating for the players).

Count this as just one more hit in the team’s triple-LP greatest hits album of misadventures, and just one more test for the patience of the fan base.

If you were wondering why Blue Jays fans (and perhaps Toronto sports fans in general) happen to be constant fluctuating between snarkily self-deprecating and devotedly confident, the 2013 season for the team pretty much explains it all.

As far as Bautista goes, he’s reportedly going to be undergoing tests on his hips, which can mean just about anything, I suppose, though it’s hardly an outlook filled with roses and sunshine. Outside of Colby Rasmus, Bautista has been once again the most important offensive player for the Blue Jays this season, having posted a .259/.357/.499 triple-slash with 28 home runs as a 4.2 fWAR player thus far.

So, who’s excited to see a Kevin Pillar (now 0-for-17)-Anthony GoseRajai Davis outfield?

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