Mike Rizzo; No the Washington Nationals do Not Have a Run Left in Them

By David Miller
Mike Rizzo
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals have had a good run over the last few seasons. There can be little doubt about that. They set this season off on the wrong foot from the very start however by assuming they would have the greatest pitching staff and already proclaiming that they were going to win the World Series for Davey Johnson in his last season as manager. There are about 162 problems with that amount of overconfidence at the start of the season. Those games in between have not gone the Nats way at all. Yet Mike Rizzo, team GM, decided that a move to bring in David DeJesus suggests they have one more run left in them.

Really? Rizzo, you really think they have one more run left in them? That’s kind of funny sir because they haven’t had their first run, much less a second where they could have one more. They might eventually create their first little run but it absolutely will not be enough to make up 9.5 games in the wildcard race. Rizzo spouts that there are 40 games left so they have one run left and can make up that ground. Well, see they can’t because it isn’t up to them. It is up to the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals.

Both of those teams are 9.5 to 10 games in front of the Nationals and would have to completely fall apart for the Nats to even have a chance to get close. The fact that this GM is so delusional as to actually believe his team can make up that much ground on a Reds team that is fighting not to keep the wildcard but for the division, is crazy. Most don’t even give the Arizona Diamondbacks a chance to catch the Reds for that spot and they are only five back.

This is just typical of the Nats entire seasonal attitude. They want to have a huge rivalry with a team that has gone 11 – 4 against them in the Atlanta Braves. They want to claim to have a chance to win by making a move now. Hey Rizzo, where were those moves a month ago? Oh right, back then you just knew the team was good enough as it was to make up ground.

For the mathematical argument here we should look at the previous 40 games since Rizzo’s point is that they have so many games left in 40, that they can come back. Over that time frame the Nats and Reds have only been separated by three more games in the wildcard race. Make no mistake Rizzo, 40 games is not a lot. Your team has stunk it up all year long and it is actually too late for them this year. I’m sorry but one little move isn’t going to get it done. You have a good franchise and will probably come back strong next year, hopefully not quite as overconfident. Pack it in, give it up and move on. You are not winning anything this year. Accept it!

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