Frustration and Tough Games will Make or Break Oakland Athletics’ 2013

By David Miller
Bob Melvin
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It made headlines recently that Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin and his players are frustrated at their lack of success since the all-star break. They have good reason to be upset with themselves but that in and of itself won’t fix anything. It could however be a motivation factor that they build around. Of course considering their upcoming series against the Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers, frustration could also bury their chances in 2013.

Which way it will go depends completely on the players on the field. Melvin has done a good job. I don’t buy that someone could walk into this clubhouse, scream his butt off at this men and see them play better. Melvin’s method of letting them be right now is the best approach he could have. It leaves it up to the players to question their own performance. After all the better play and effort is going to have to come from them, not Melvin.

On the surface a team that has struggled facing the line-up of teams the Athletics will see from now through early September looks to be the worst thing that could happen to them. That isn’t necessarily true though. Actually it could have the complete opposite effect. More times than not when a team that is meant to make the playoffs has its back against the wall like the A’s do now, insurmountable odds often turn the tables in their favor.

As one player said, they know how to play. They know what they are doing wrong and not getting done at all. It’s up to them to fix it and I personally think they will. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if the A’s are looking down at the surging Rangers by the time they play them in September.

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