Jarred Cosart, Matt Dominguez Exhibit Raw Talent for Houston Astros

By Daniel Jamieson
Joy R. Absalon – USA Today Sports

Though Jarred Cosart couldn’t come away with a win on Tuesday night for the Houston Astros, he continues to make a growing case as being the club’s premier pitcher.

The 23-year-old has made only seven starts, but he carries a highly impressive 1.60 ERA. Before last night’s loss to the Texas Rangers, he had not even given up a single home run. Unfortunately for him and the Astros, Adrian Beltre broke that streak in the sixth inning to give the Rangers a lead that they were not to relinquish.

Ex-Astro Travis Blackley started on the mound for the Rangers, and he fared quite well minus one moment. The motif of Matt Dominguez jumping on a strike that pitchers dare to leave up in the zone and driving the ball far into the seats is one that has all Astros fans very excited. Excited especially for the future, as Dominguez reached 17 homers on the season, a good number that is sure to evolve.

Considering the way he handles his defensive responsibilities at third base, this is one athlete that Houston wants to hold on to.

The Astros are now down 2-0 in this series with the Rangers, and therefore, add another tally to the list of losses to their I-45 rivals on the season. Texas is leading the division, and given their excellent bullpen and starting rotation, this is a club that may well go all the way, so the Astros shouldn’t feel too defeated.

They can instead rest safe in the knowledge that they have the premier minor-league system in the majors, where their teams are all likely headed to the playoffs and possibly the trophies, and can look forward to some grand days ahead. Ask any Astros fan what two words get them the most excited, and the answer back will likely be “George Springer.”

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