Minnesota Twins’ Joe Mauer Placed on Disabled List

By Michael Terrill
Minnesota Twins’ Joe Mauer Placed on Disabled List
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets first baseman Ike Davis’ foul tip that flew directly into Joe Mauer’s facemask on Monday night could be a costly one for the Minnesota Twins. The organization was forced to place Mauer on the seven-day disabled list with what looks to be a concussion.

“The Detroit doctor examined him and did some tests and found he had some concussion-like symptoms,” Twins assistant general manager Rob Antony said, according to MinnesotaTwins.com. “For him, it was mainly he felt dizzy and out of sorts. He did the baseline test and they were pretty certain he had the symptoms of a possible concussion. The doctor felt like he should he go on the seven-day DL, and we agreed with that.”

It is certainly disappointing to see Mauer, who has been outstanding offensively in 2013, miss time due to dizziness. However, it is not as disappointing as Minnesota’s season as a whole. It is never good to lose a player with just over a month to go in the season, but at least it happened to the Twins in a year in which they are far out of the playoff hunt.

At this point, the Twins must be careful with Mauer and not bring him back too soon. Teammate Justin Morneau, who is very familiar with concussions, advised Mauer to play it smart before even considering a return.

“I think it’s for the best,” Morneau told MinnesotaTwins.com. “The worst thing that can happen when you have a concussion is to do something unintelligent and not tell anyone and suffer another one and be out a while. The last thing you want to see is somebody that good miss a lot of time.”

Mauer is batting .324 with 11 home runs and 47 RBI in 445 at-bats this year.

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