Philadelphia Phillies: Can Ethan Martin Handle The Big Leagues?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have had their injuries to their starting rotation this season. Roy Halladay, John Lannan, and Jonathan Pettibone have all landed on the disabled list this season. That has forced the Philliesto bring up rookie pitchers. Some have been able to handle the pressure well, others have not.

Ethan Martin has been in the middle. Will he be able stay in the majors?

Martin got his first start on August 2 against the Atlanta Braves. It did not go very well. He gave up six earned runs with eight hits. He lasted just four innings. It was a debut I’m sure he would like back.

His second start was much better as he seemed to calm down. He faced the Chicago Cubs. Although Martin only lasted an inning more than the first start, he still managed to improve. He gave up half the hits he did in his first start along with just one run. Martin seemed more comfortable and made it seem like he could handle the pressure of being on the mound in a big league game.

If Martin wants to stay here in the majors, he has to find a way to stay consistent. He also needs to find a way to not give up so many runs. The Phillies are looking to rebuild, which means they are going to need pitchers in their rotation. Martin could be an option.

He just needs to work out his kinks. Once they are worked out, he will develop into a fine pitcher fit for the big leagues.

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