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5 Top Boston Red Sox Prospects Not Named Xander Bogaerts

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Five 2013 Boston Red Sox Prospects

Fenway Park
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The Boston Red Sox have one of the deeper Minor League systems in the MLB. General Manager Ben Cherington and his scouting department seem to have developed a system where prospects are blossoming and growing into solid Major League ballplayers. This is a far cry from the days where Boston was spending a lot of money for high-cost, low-performing players that couldn't handle playing in Boston's big market. The fact that Boston made a significant trade to acquire Jake Peavy and only gave up Jose Iglesias says a lot about the depth that the Boston farm system has. Boston was able to keep their top prospects. It will be interesting to see what Boston will look like as some of these prospects work their way to the majors and start looking for playing time.

Of course, the prospect that commands the most attention is Xander Bogaerts who was recently called up to Boston. However, there are other prospects, some of them having spent time up in Boston this year that are close to making and staying on Boston's roster. Keep in mind that this list isn't necessarily the top five prospects, this is just a list of five prospects that can make an impact. Also, apologies for the generic pictures of Fenway Park. A few on this list have not yet blown up online. But trust me, they will. Let's head to the list.

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No. 5 Garin Cecchini

Fenway Park
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Garin Cecchini plays third base for the Portland Sea Dogs, Boston's AA team. He has excellent bat speed and above average power potential. He knows the strike zone very well, which fits right in with Boston's philosophy of grinding at-bats and working counts. He has a great arm and his baseball IQ is very high. He could be an All-Star third baseman in the future.

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No. 4 Rubby De La Rosa

De La Rosa
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Rubby De La Rosa is next on this list at No. 4. He was part of the blockbuster trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has been up with Boston twice and we have seen glimpses of his electrifying stuff. As he is recovering from Tommy John surgery, it seems like it takes about a year for a pitcher to get fully back to where they were before. De La Rosa is no exception as he has had a couple of tough outings. He has a good changeup and a fastball that is sometimes clocked at almost 100 mph. He could be a No. 3 starter but it seems very possible he could end up a late inning reliever, possibly to help with his arm.

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No. 3 Henry Owens

Fenway Park
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No. 3 is Henry Owens. Owens is a starting pitcher for Portland who has been absolutely dominating so far against the competition. He is a lefty with a good fastball with a lot of movement. He also has good command and is very mature on the mound. He has the potential to be a top-three starter.

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No. 2 Allen Webster

Webster pitching
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No. 2 is a pitcher who we have seen in Boston a few times this year, Allen Webster. He even has one Major League win. He has gotten knocked around a few times but Webster is young and still relatively new to pitching. He is a ground ball pitcher with a lot of movement on his fastball. He has a fastball that can reach 98 mph and a very strong slider. Kind of like Derek Lowe but with a better arsenal. Hard to believe that the Dodgers trade not only got all that money off the books for Boston, it got two top prospects in return.

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No. 1 Jackie Bradley, Jr.

Bradley at bat
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The No. 1 prospect on this list is very familiar because he has been with Boston twice this year. It is Jackie Bradley, Jr. He was the starting left fielder on Opening Day for Boston and he made a solid contribution. However, he struggled as major league pitchers started pitching in on him. When he came back to Boston the second time, he looked like he made adjustments and started hitting balls that he was striking out on before. He has above average defensive skills and gets incredible reads on a pitch. He has some speed and a great arm. He is also very patient. No doubt he is the heir apparent to center field, if and when Jacoby Ellsbury leaves.

There you have it, five top Boston prospects and none of them are Xander Bogaerts. Who would be your top five?