Mike Scioscia’s History too Rich Not to be Given Chance Next Year

By David Miller
Mike Scioscia
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

All too often the manager of a Major League Baseball team gets the blame for the lackadaisical play of his team. It just happened with Charlie Manuel and the Philadelphia Phillies and it could happen this off-season for the Los Angeles Angels. Mike Scioscia is rumored to be on the chopping block by a few people here and there. I really don’t think that the suits for the Angels would blame the downer season on the manager though. I mean if someone should be blamed besides the players it should be the guy that hired them all together.

Honestly I am one of those people that always think the team itself and its players should take the blame. They are after all the ones playing badly. For the Angels this year it starts with the big man, Josh Hamilton who just has never gotten it going from a power standpoint. There are signs here and there of a spark but in large part he just isn’t having that good of a year. Is that Scioscia’s fault? Of course it isn’t.

I doubt many would want to give Scioscia credit for Mike Trout having another spectacular season so why would he get the blame for the slumps of the other hitters or the problems the team has had with injuries? I mean are we accusing him of repeatedly stomping on Albert Pujols’ foot here?

Here is what it comes down to. Scioscia should be judged on his performance. What has he done over the seasons that have come before? Oh he only has one World Series title, two Manager of the Year awards and one runner up. Nah, he stinks. It must be his fault that this one season they are stinking this badly. Come on. I trust that the GM and others in charge over there will not try to pull of what the Phillies did and blame Scioscia for the problems of the team.

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