Philadelphia Phillies: Jake Diekman Turning Into Strong, Reliable Lefty

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies have certainly had their struggles this season as they are 14 games under .500. They are also 21 games out of first place in the National League East. One of the struggles has been the bullpen which has gone through a few injuries and is filled with rookies who were brought up from the minor leagues. They have not all been able to fully find their comfort zones in the Major Leagues yet, but one player who has been able to show his growth is left hander Jake Diekman.

Diekman came up to the Major Leagues in the middle of June where he only pitched five innings and gave up three runs including one home run. His ERA was 4.76, but in July Diekman’s ERA went down to 3.38. He pitched ten innings, only giving up four earned runs, and the lefty struck 12 guys out.

His last ten games in August Diekman’s ERA is 2.70. He has pitched ten innings giving up just four hits. He also has just given up just three earned runs which is an improvement for him. Diekman is also continuing with the strikeouts as he already has 11 and there are still ten games left to play this month.

The Phillies are going to need a strong bullpen next year if they are going to want to be playoff contenders. Diekman is turning into a reliable arm, and he is also a left hander which a team always needs. He has shown that he deserves to be in the Phillies bullpen next year as he will continue to grow.

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