Will Arizona Diamondbacks Slugger Paul Goldschmidt’s Career Year be for Nothing?

By Michael Terrill
Will Arizona Diamondbacks Slugger Paul Goldschmidt’s Career Year be for Nothing
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Goldschmidt’s grand slam that ended up being the game-winner for the Arizona Diamondbacks Tuesday night gave him 100 RBI on the season. It is the first time he has ever accomplished the feat as 2013 continues to be a magical season for the first baseman. The unfortunate part about it is it could all be for nothing as Arizona continues to drop in the standings. The Diamondbacks must act quickly if they do not want the slugger’s career year to go to waste.

Arizona is currently eight and a half games back of the Los Angeles Dodgers with 37 to play. More importantly, they are only six back of the second Wild Card spot. There is still time to make a run, especially with Goldschmidt’s dominant play on offense to serve as inspiration for the rest of the ball club. All it takes is for certain players to catch fire and string some wins together.

It is imperative that Goldschmidt not slow down at the plate. His numbers are leaps and bounds better than anyone else on the team. He is their leader who must have his foot on the pedal with no slowing down from here on out if he wants the rest of the team to catch up offensively.

The good news is Goldschmidt has a solid work ethic and a great attitude towards the way he plays the game of baseball, which clearly rubs off on his teammates.

“My goal, like we’ve talked about all year, is just showing up and trying to have good at-bats, work hard, prepare,” Goldschmidt said, according to Dbacks.com. “You know the stuff I can control. You know RBIs are out of your control. I mean, out there I could hit the same pitch, same swing and it’s a line drive to shortstop, double play.”

Goldschmidt is batting .296 with 31 home runs, 100 RBI and 25 doubles in 466 at-bats in 2013.

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