Cleveland Indians Should Focus on Pitching for September Call-ups

By David Miller
Justin Masterson
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Indians are solidly in the hunt for a decent spot in the MLB Postseason. Be it one of the two wildcard spots or a dramatic comeback for the American League Central division, they are headed in the correct direction. A lot of the recent turnaround can be attributed to the pitching staff. With that in mind it should also be pointed out that the Indians’ pitching staff is worn out at this time of year like everyone else. I believe since they have a few strong pitching prospects in their minor league system that are close to ready that they should focus September call-ups on pitching help.

Trevor Bauer is the first one that comes to mind. He like every other pitching call-up will probably spend a lot of time bolstering the bullpen. The great thing about guys like Bauer is that he could very easily spot start here and there to stretch out the starting staff as well. This could be a crucial time for the Indians pitching staff to get a little rest when they can manage to take it. A pitching heavy call-up would really be a big help.

Though not necessarily a huge possibility, there is an outside chance that someone called up late could become an integral part of the postseason roster as well. Other position players of course always have their place because everyone loves a deep bench at the end of the year. I do believe that the Indians should go just a tad against the grain this year. I know without thinking that Terry Francona will do the right thing as well though. He is the right man for this kind of September call-up to be done correctly.

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