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San Francisco Giants Made Good Call Sending Matt Cain to Disabled List

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Matt Cain

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Matt Cain was supposed to be the Cy-Young threatening ace of the San Francisco Giants staff during the 2013 season. Well, nothing really went the way it was supposed to for the Giants this year and Cain was no exception. Add to that a solid shot that Cain took off of his right forearm and things just keep getting better for the Giants. Cain’s arm turned all kinds of black and blue and the Giants sent him to the disabled list.

That shouldn’t really be big news and it wouldn’t be except for the fact that Cain had not been on the disabled list for nine MLB seasons. Manager Bruce Bochy suggested that they would possibly have handled the situation differently if they had been in a pennant race. As it is though, Bochy and the Giants made the right decision. There really is no reason at all to risk Cain pitching with pain during a season that is clearly a lost cause. Nothing good can really come of it.

This way Cain can ease into the off-season and focus on coming back next year with any and all positives that he can take from 2013. If I were Cain, I would agree wholeheartedly with the choice go to the DL. He will get a chance to rest up for a change. Sure no one really wants to end the season early with an injury but Cain isn’t missing anything and the Giants can get a few looks at young starters when Cain’s spot comes around throughout his time on the DL.

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