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5 Best Twitter Reactions to Ryne Sandberg’s First Week As Philadelphia Phillies’ Manager

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5 Best Twitter Reactions to Ryne Sandberg

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If the rest of Ryne Sandberg’s managerial career continued on the same road as his first week, it could be an unqualified success for the Philadelphia Phillies. After all, winning managers don't get fired and losing ones do.

The early reviews are in and Sandberg is receiving thumbs-ups from a number of sources. Sandberg already has more post-All-Star break wins (five) than Charlie Manuel (four). Players have endorsed the move, especially Roy Halladay, who this week said that Sandberg was going to bring back “Phillies-style” baseball and that he “addressed some issues that needed to be addressed.”

General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said that this team had enough talent to win and, for one week at least, Sandberg has proven his boss correct. One week is a small sample, but Sandberg has a little more than a month to expand on that sample.

On the field, the Phillies are playing with a verve they had not shown all season and have won three straight games in walk-off fashion. A team that dipped to 13 games under the .500 mark post All-Star break is now 5-3 under Sandberg. The old saying “winning cures everything” certainly applies in Sandberg’s case, not only with the players but also with the fans.

While the early tweets trending a week ago weighed heavily in support of Manuel, there are almost no Manuel references now, and the focus is on watching how Sandberg positively affects the team going forward.

The Twittersphere is full of positive comments about Sandberg. Here are some of the best:

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5. He Can Leave His Hat On

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Sandberg was signed as a member of the Phillies and has made a lot of moves since then. Telling the media he saved a Phillies' hat from 1981 endeared him to John R. Finger here.

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4. He Even Wins the Press Conferences

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Charlie Manuel's press conferences were full of phrases like "we've got to play better baseball" while Sandberg says just how to do that.

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3. Award Could be in his Future

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A few more weeks like this, and Winless4Wiggins feels that Sandberg could be in line for a special award.

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2. Has More Wins Than Charlie Manuel Already

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Since Mike McNichol calls Sandberg "his boy", we can only assume that there is some fatherly pride in this tweet.

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1. Could Be the Guy to Get Ryan Howard out of his Funk

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This tweet, which includes a characterization of Sandberg "working out" Howard, could just be what The Big Piece needs. Well done, Estebomb.

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