Detroit Tigers' Max Scherzer Has AL Cy Young All But Locked Up

By Brent Smith
Noah K. Murray- USA TODAY Sports

Two aces entered the ring on a Saturday afternoon in a historic showdown. It was the first time the two All-Star starters faced each other in the regular season in the very park the two squared off on during the Midsummer Classic. Once again it was Max Scherzer with the giant smile on his face as he pitched a dominating, scoreless six innings, giving up just three hits while striking out 11 New York Mets, moving his record to a 19-1 record, defeating Matt Harvey.

You could say that Scherzer had already locked up the AL Cy Young, but today was the day that put the giant exclamation mark at the end of it. Having the national game on Fox with the All-Star pitchers facing each other, all of America’s eyes were on this highly billed matchup, and once again it was Scherzer being the guy everyone wanted to talk about. Even when he got into trouble, like in the sixth with the bases loaded, one out and a pitch count higher than Snoop Dogg, nothing was going to stop Scherzer from showcasing why he is the best in the American League. Scherzer dominated the next two batters, cruising to another quality start in a season of nothing but quality starts.

Some might say that 19-1 is a fluky stat, and that may be true, but it is just the beginning of an argument that is irrefutable. Scherzer has been the best pitcher in the American League this season. He may not lead in every single category, but his numbers are the most staggering when placed against any other competitor; and when mixed with that eye popping 19-1 there really can be no argument. Others may say Yu Darvish, but he has not had the consistent meaning that Scherzer has had for the Detroit Tigers. That meaning is wins, and those wins have saved the Tigers this season. Max Scherzer has rested his case.

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