Miami Marlins’ Legends of Wrestling Night a Fun Promo for Fans

By David Miller
Tom Koehler
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball is supposed to be fun to play and fun to watch. Somewhere along the line in the last century plus, we have lost some of that. We stress over our team winning as many games as some other team and get angry if all of the money poured into the team doesn’t lead to a World Series win after a year or two. There is a place for all of that and I don’t begrudge fans who want success. I wish more fun was had during and before the games though. The Miami Marlins, especially considering their record for the season, are a great example of a fun idea regardless of record.

Bill Goldberg of WCW fame threw out the first pitch and then speared the catcher in full character to start things off. It was a great fun moment for everyone. There were members of the legendary Hart family in attendance as well and overall it was just a great idea that came along at a good time. I wish there were more of that kind of thing not only happening but publicized. Part of the reason the Wrestling night was a great idea is that it is a popular area of entertainment for many people and drew not only more fans to the game but more attention to the fun they were allowed to have.

I don’t necessarily think there should be a fun hotdog race after every half-inning or anything like that but it could be a more fun atmosphere more often. What fun is had should be more publicized so that more people will look at this sport as a fun sport to watch again instead of something only to bet on or choose fantasy teams over. Have fun with the game of baseball again and then it won’t matter as much when you win or lose. Isn’t it supposed to be about how the game is played anyway?

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