Philadelphia Phillies: How Does Benching Jimmy Rollins Help Him Get Out of Slump?

By Rebekah Milsted
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Rollins has not been playing up to his potential for Philadelphia Phillies most of the season. During the last 10 games, he has an average of .156. Manager Ryne Sandberg had decided to sit him in two of the last 10 games. Yes, it will help him clear his head, but how will it help with his hitting?

I believe that in order to improve, Rollins needs to see the ball. He needs to not only practice his patience during batting practice and in the cages, but also during live action.

Last night, John McDonald started for Rollins. His average is .157 when Rollins’ is .248 overall. I can understand that McDonald needs at-bats and it is the end of the season. However, if Sandberg wants Rollins to improve, playing him is the best option right now.

Rollins is a veteran on the team. He is a leader and others look up to him. He knows that he has to do to improve and he will get there. All players go through slumps, and right now it is just his time.

Rollins has only five home runs this season when he has had more than 20 in seasons past. He also has only 34 RBIs where he has had well more than 60 previously. He has struck out 72 times, which is third-most in the active Phillies lineup.

Rollins has been the heart of the Phillies since he has been in the lineup. He knows how to get the crowd excited, but he has been making them frustrated lately. Hopefully Sandberg will let him play to let him figure out his kinks so that he can start exciting everyone again. Rollins is not going anywhere any time soon. His bat is going to be important in the lineup.

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