5 Washington Nationals Who May be Elsewhere in 2014

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5 Washington Nationals Who Could be Gone in 2014

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The Washington Nationals' 2013 season has obviously not gone they way they expected it, coming off of a 98-win NL East winning season but ending in disappointment in the playoffs. It does seem that that same disappointment has carried over into 2013, as Washington sits a game over .500 and far off in both the division and wild card races. Washington could have made major splashed prior to 2013, but passed on big name starters and professed faith in their own system, which has yet to betray them.

Washington did try to maintain the 2012 magic, keeping names like Adam LaRoche and bringing in Rafael Soriano, but it seems that the maintaining could have been counter productive, as Soriano is not known as the best of teammates and could be a detriment to the wonderful Washington clubhouse of 2012. Needless to say, Washington has had a rough season, and it could be many things, above all, it has been injuries marring this team's struggles. What was supposed to be the second year of a budding dynasty has become one of the more disappointing seasons in recent baseball memory.

Washington will have one major change to consider after 2013, as Davey Johnson will retire after the season ends, whenever that may be. That should not, and most likely will not, be the only change Washington makes after this season. Regardless of a Washington turnaround, Mike Rizzo needs to make some changes to this team, which has log jammed some of it's best young players. Here are five players Washington could move to remedy that issue.

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5. Rafael Soriano

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One player cannot single-handedly ruin a clubhouse, so by no means am I blaming all of this on Soriano. The fact remains, however, that Soriano may not have been a prudent signing by Washington, since they already had two Closers on the roster. Soriano will probably prompt some calls this winter, and Rizzo would be a fool to ignore them.

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4. Drew Storen

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I am of the opinion that either Soriano or Storen goes this winter. Storen may be pitching much better since his call-up, but the fact is that he was the Closer, lost the job and has yet to regain it. The argument can certainly be made that Storen has been very poorly handled by the Nationals, and a change of scenery could be a very good thing for him, granted he's given the chance to close.

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3. Adam LaRoche

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With Tyler Moore raking, Ryan Zimmerman not throwing well, and Anthony Rendon arriving, it may not be intelligent to hold onto LaRoche for the length of his contract. He is certainly having a down year offensively, though one could say he was due for one after being so consistent for most of his career. Finding a trade partner may be tough, but LaRoche will probably be in another uniform in 2014.

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2. Dan Haren

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Yeah, this is too easy and obvious. Haren has said himself he probably will not be back in Washington next year, though he seems to have turned himself around after a DL stint, though most teams probably will not want to put him on the DL to get the Haren they think they are signing. No brainer, Haren will be gone.

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1. Chad Tracy

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As good as Tracy was in 2012, he's been just as bad in 2013. Washington is going to have to drastically makeover their bench, and Tracy will be one of the first to go.

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