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Houston Astros’ 5 Record-Breaking Achievements Of 2013

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Astros' Record-Breaking Achievements

Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports

Record breaking is definitely not something that is typically used to describe the Houston Astros' 2013 season. But indeed, that is what it has been.

Headed towards their third-straight 100-loss season (which, should they achieve it, will be the first time since the Toronto Blue Jays did it in the late 1970s), the Astros have had very few positive notes. But there are more than expected.

15 players have made MLB debuts for the Astros this year, including Jarred Cosart and Jonathan Villar, two very highly touted prospects. Along with the debuts, All-Star catcher Jason Castro has had an outstanding season. Everyday third baseman Matt Dominguez has put up superb power numbers as well, exceeding all offensive expectations.

Cosart has yet to give up over three runs in any start, and his first ever start was almost a no-hitter against the red-hot Tampa Bay Rays.

But that stuff isn't what this list is about.

This list is for the odd or unfortunate records that the Astros have broken and/or shattered this year.

If the Astros' season could be summarized in one statistical category, it would be strikeouts. In all likelihood, the Astros will continue on to have the most strikeouts in major league history. Chris Carter is on pace to have the most strikeouts of any individual player in history as well. Fortunately, neither of those records have been achieved yet.

Here are the records that the Astros have broken.

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5. Most Strikeouts in An Opening Series Ever

Jesse Johnson - USA TODAY Sports

Starting at the top, the Astros set an MLB Record with the most strikeouts ever in a season-opening series. They struck out a whopping 43 times, including a near-perfect game by Yu Darvish.

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4. Fastest Ever To 1000 Strikeouts

Troy Taormina - USA TODAY Sports

On August 2, the Astros became the fastest team ever to achieve 1000 strikeouts. To make matters worse, it was done against former Astros' ace Bud Norris.

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3. First Team With 1st Overall Pick Three Straight Years

Thomas Campbell - USA TODAY Sports

Barring a bizarre end to the season, the Astros will be the first team ever to land three no. 1 picks in a row. With their previous two no. 1 picks, they've taken shortstop Carlos Correa and pitcher Mark Appel.

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2. 14th Player in MLB History to Pitch and Catch in One Game

Jim Cowsert - USA TODAY Sports

It wasn't the first time it's happened, but it needed to be mentioned. Jake Elmore became the 14th player in MLB history to pitch and catch in the same game -- and he's a second baseman.

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1. 24 Players Have Higher Salary Than Entire Astros Team

Jeff Curry - USA TODAY Sports

If this is a record, it's hard to track, but the current Houston Astros payroll is less than the individual salaries of 24 players, including Alex Rodriguez, Cliff Lee, Vernon Wells and Joey Votto.