Detroit Tigers Face Season-Defining Homestand

By Brent Smith
Anthony Gruppuso- USA TODAY Sports

Things have been going great for the Detroit Tigers this season as the team is sitting at 77-53, but it’s the next seven games that are going to determine whether the Tigers will receive home field throughout the playoffs or be in a dogfight for the AL Central crown.

The Tigers’ next seven games are all at home, facing two playoff hopefuls in the Oakland Athletics and the Cleveland Indians. It’s going to be a fun week at Comerica Park with each game having added importance not just for the Tigers, but for the A’s and Indians as well.

If the Tigers can come through this week unscathed, they will be on their way to the best record in baseball. If they get dinged up, the Indians could suddenly find themselves in a position to strike. The schedule clears up tremendously after this stretch of games, all but ensuring the Tigers the best record if they can finish this week at 5-2 or better.

Who knew also that the Tigers would play such a critical role in the AL Wild Card, hosting two of the three teams in contention for the final position in the playoffs? There is no question a lot of eyes will be watching the Tigers on their home parks’ scoreboards this week.

The power is completely in the Tigers’ hands this week — they can either do this the easy way or do it the hard way.

If you’re a Tigers fan, you know that the easy way is not how Jim Leyland operates; but with the way they have played at home, they have to really like their chances. The one thing the Tigers haven’t been able to earn in their three playoff trips is home field advantage, and while they have worked around it, that would be a nice thing to have mixed with the best rotation and the best hitter in the game.

Now is the time for the Tigers to make their statement. Now is the time for the Tigers to claim their spot as the best in baseball.

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