Detroit Tigers’ Offense Allows for Resting of Injured Players

By David Miller
Prince Fielder
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Every team in Major League Baseball has ailments at this time of the season. If there is someone on a roster who has played all season, you can believe they hurt every day. No one is exempt and no team is exempt. That is why they say it is a good thing to finish clinching a division title early so a team can rest tired and injured players. It must be good to be the Detroit Tigers. They have a strong enough offense to work with strong pitching so that they can rest players right now with only a six game lead.

Jose Iglesias’ elbow is still bothering him so instead of risking any other kind of injury, Jim Leyland knows he can rest him without worrying about the disabled list. The same goes for Omar Infante. Infante is playing because he is a hot hand and because Iglesias is on the bench with a sore elbow but he could sit as well. You know why? They have Torii Hunter, Austin Jackson, Prince Fielder and of course Miguel Cabrera; that’s why.

I’m not saying the decent sized lead isn’t something of a plus as well because it is. They are not far enough in front to be completely comfortable however. Yet they still can sit whoever they want for a day or two and sweep another team. I’m not certain what that powerful line-up will get them in the playoffs because generally that is where the pitching staff shines. For now however the offense is making life easier on everyone. It is a luxury few teams have.

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