New York Yankees' Alex Rodriguez Should Just Retire and Put Baseball Fans Out of Their Misery

By Ryan Heckman
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

As you’ve all heard by now, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is attempting to fight the suspension he will receive for allegedly using performance enhancing drugs. Why on earth is he trying to do such a thing? I have one word for you: paycheck.

Rodriguez has to know deep down that the suspension is coming and that this appeal just won’t work. He was, after all, advised to accept the suspension by the head of the union, Michael Weiner, according to an interview with “Mad Dog Radio” on SiriusXM.

Why would the head of the union advise Rodriguez to accept the suspension if he was, in fact, an innocent man?

It’s simple. He wouldn’t.

Rodriguez is starting to remind me a bit of Milwaukee Brewers superstar Ryan Braun, except the Yankees star is the more annoying of the two liars. Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing and seeing his name everywhere in reference to ‘the latest’ on his suspension? I, for one, do not care. If it is obvious to so many involved in the case that Rodriguez is guilty, there’s no need for major networks to eat, sleep and breathe his name.

You know what, Mr. Rodriguez, just do us all a favor and retire before this turns you into the laughing stock of MLB. It’s not worth it. Maybe it seems as though the extra paychecks are worth it right now, but just wait and see — that will all turn around oh so quickly.

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