Analyzing New York Mets' Marlon Byrd and John Buck Trade

By Steven Carollo
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday afternoon it was announced that the New York Mets traded both outfielder Marlon Byrd and catcher John Buck to the Pittsburgh Pirates for middle infield prospect Dilson Herrera, a player to be named later, and cash considerations.

This news led to the majority of Mets fans calling up local radio stations and typing on various forms of social media, expressing their disgust for this trade.

Most of Mets fans frustrations about the trade were  due to the team getting rid of Byrd, who has been the Mets’ best hitter all season and is having a career year, with 21 home runs and 71 RBIs, to go along with his .285 batting average.

What fans tend to forget, however, is that both Byrd and Buck are free agents at the end of the year, and obviously the Mets had no intention of resigning either of them, so you might as well get something for them instead of letting them walk for nothing.

Now, there are some Mets fans out there who like the idea of them being traded, but are mad that the Mets did not get more for them.

Herrera is only 19 years old, and is still a few years away from cracking a major league lineup.

I’ve heard some Mets fans say that the team should have gotten a higher touted prospect who would be major league ready by this time next year, or two years, comes around. Basically, another Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler trade.

The big problem with that logic is that 10 Byrds and Bucks do not equal a Beltran, so why in the world would the Pirates, or any team, give up their best prospect at a certain position for two rental players?

You honestly think either one of these guys are in the Pirates’ future plans?

Heck no.

They just picked these guys up to help their playoff push for this season.

Byrd will never have another year like this ever again, not even close. Plus, he could get suspended for using steroids at any given moment due to his past history with PEDs.

Also, the Mets have their catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud in the big leagues now, so they don’t need Buck’s services anymore either.

The Mets made the right move with this deal, and with both Byrd and Buck free agents at the end of the year, plus with the injury and possible Tommy John Surgery to ace Matt Harvey, the Mets will not be competitive again next season. So what the heck do they have to lose?

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