Doug Fister, Detroit Tigers Continue To Struggle

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

If you read the stat “56 hits in 37.2 innings” next to a bullpen pitcher or inexperienced starter, you would be telling them to have a safe trip back to the minor leagues, yet those are the most recent numbers for Doug Fister in his last six starts. The ERA had somehow not been affected until tonight where Fister imploded giving up seven runs in just five innings as the Detroit Tigers lost their third game in a row, all to the Oakland Athletics at home.

This was supposed to be the series the Tigers put the final nail in the AL Central coffin. This was supposed to be the series the Tigers established home field in the postseason. All it has established so far is that the Tigers are far from a perfect team.

It’s acceptable to go through ruts in the course of a season, but what the A’s are doing to the Tigers is just flat-out embarrassing. If this was a fight, the Tigers would be tapping out. If this was a football game, you would wonder where Mark Sanchez is. The A’s have come into Detroit and completely Ashton Kutcher’d the Tigers (I mean punking them, not dating older women). It just seems like every year the Tigers are allergic to home-field advantage, that every playoff race has to be 10-times closer than necessary. Comfort is not a word in a Detroit Tigers fan’s vocabulary.

Baseball has a funny way of humbling any man and right now, the Tigers are being humbled. Things will turn around eventually, they always do, but I suggest to stay away from any sharp objects until then. It’s painful and frustrating, but it happens. How the Tigers come out of this period is going to define them more than these three games. The road is more difficult now, but the road is still there.

It’s time to shake off the frustration and play like the team everyone knows and expects them to be. If they don’t, then that frustration felt in Tigers fans is only going to get worse. I may need to buy a new television.

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