Martin Prado Has Been Extremely Good for Arizona Diamondbacks

By David Miller
Martin Prado
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The initial reaction to the big trade between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Atlanta Braves that involved Martin Prado and Justin Upton was mixed. Some thought the Braves got the better and some thought the Braves would forever regret trading away Prado. The truth is actually neither. The fact is that both teams got good out of the deal. It was the rare trade that benefited both teams. For the Diamondbacks of late, they can thank that trade for keeping them in the race for a 2013 MLB Playoff berth.

Prado has a bit of a reputation for upping his game towards the end of the season when the playoffs are at stake. This season has been no different. Overall his numbers are as good or better than previous career bests almost across the board but of late he has been going to bat with smoke billowing out of his ears. The guy is absolutely on fire.

During the month of August he is hitting .369 with a .999 OPS and has driven in 30 runs in the process. That is a pretty good month right there. Most would say that the Diamondbacks have let the race for the playoffs get away from them and to some extent that is certainly true. That fault might lie with the front office, the pitching or the manager but it does not sit with Prado. He has led the team.

It seems that lately there could be a sign or two that the rest of the team is beginning to pick up his momentum a little bit. It might very well be too little, too late but at least at the end of the season they will be able to say that they stuck in there and stayed in the fight. You never know; that five game lead of the Cincinnati Reds in the second wildcard spot could evaporate quickly under the right circumstances.

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