Minnesota Twins Rumors: There is a Way to Bring Back Justin Morneau

Justin Morneau

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There are as always plenty of ways and reasons that Justin Morneau could be traded by the Minnesota Twins. Also there are plenty of rumors that are swirling around about teams that could be interested. It is also true according to an article on the official Twins site by MLB reporter Rhett Bollinger that the Twins could conceivably bring Morneau back for the 2014 season.

For the length of this season at least Morneau and his people have consistently said that he does not want to leave Minnesota. He wants to stay the Twins’ first baseman. There actually could be a perfect situation for that to happen. The Twins are not going to give Morneau a ton of money or a long extension for the same reason they cannot get a lot in return for him. Since his injuries slowed him a short while ago he hasn’t been the same.

Because he is playing better over about the past month, the Twins could see it beneficial to offer him a one year deal. According to Bollinger’s speculation it could be a one year deal with a ton of incentives and an option for another year. I don’t know what kind of options Morneau will have on the open market but if he wants to stay in Minnesota, if he really wants to stay, he very well could have a very incentive laden reason to stay and prove his worth once again.

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  • Eric Elleby

    Minnesota Twins, you have the most sell-outs in the game this year and
    said after getting this stadium you would invest in a winning team. Now
    you won’t resign Morneau after he’s poured his heart into this
    organization, and Lord knows you only want to invest in prospects to
    raise for other teams just like span, cuddyer, kubel, nathan, balfour, I
    could go on all day. If morneau goes I will have a tough time rooting
    for Mauer and the other half of our payroll aka our entire team.