Philadelphia Phillies Should Be Careful With Roy Halladay

By davidabel
Roy Halladay
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Just hours after an 18-inning loss to the Arizona Diamondbacksthe Philadelphia Phillies recalled Starting Pitcher Roy Halladay from the minors, just before he was to make another rehab start.

Though Halladay’s numbers were fine (6.0 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 2 K) it is interesting that the Phillies turned to him for a spot start. Granted, Halladay has the resume and experience to pitch, but with multiple minor leaguers still available, why not use them?

Roy Halladay was observed previously by David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News , who wrote “Roy Halladay doesn’t look ready to to face major league hitters.” Well, Mr. Murphy, maybe he wasn’t ready, but at the end of the weekend, he did enough to get a win.

So again my question stands, why use Roy Halladay?

The fact that Halladay pitched at an above average to good level is a positive sign for Phils fans. That being said, it was one start against the Diamondbacks, a team that just got finished playing an 18-inning game and used everyone and their mothers (figuratively speaking) from their bench, and didn’t seem to be as sharp or ready as a rested lineup would.

Nonetheless, his fastball got up to 89 mph and his movement had enough of a twist to keep hitters relatively off balance.

Overall, though, Halladay should not be pitching in the big leagues, if at all. Halladay went down in mid-to-late spring and has been resting and rehabilitating ever since. The last two seasons have not been what Halladay or the Phillies faithful have expected, but the reality is Doc’s arm may be going dead.

Now that isn’t necessarily the case, but if it is, rest is going to be key in Halladay’s return. Considering there is only one month left, the team is far out of playoff contention and a gang of young, potentially promising players are at Ryne Sandberg‘s disposal, the Phillies should place no imminent expectations on Halladay.

Keep him rested, keep him rehabbing and keep him where he can work on his strength, command, etc.

Doc’s return was a glimpse of what he can still do, but at this juncture of the season, what’s the point?

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