Should Philadelphia Phillies Trade Young Talent During Offseason?

By Rebekah Milsted
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This miserable season for the Philadelphia Phillies is almost over. Next season will be a fresh start. Hopefully 2014 will be a playoff year. The Phillies have been giving their rookies experience the last couple months. They have been showing they deserve to play in the big leagues. Will the Phillies see what they can get for their young talent this winter?

Jimmy Rollins has a no trade clause in his contract. He has said around the time of the trade deadline that he is not going to go anywhere. He is going to stay in Philadelphia. The Phillies extended Chase Utley’s contract so he isn’t going to be going anywhere until 2015. Ryan Howard’s contract is worth a lot and he seems to struggle more than have success. It seems that he is going to stay as the Phillies’ first baseman. Michael Young is the best possibility to leave as it seemed as he was going to leave at the trade deadline, except I would have thought a team would have picked him up right now with the playoffs coming up. These veterans are good but are getting up in age. Cody Asche and Darin Ruf are developing into fine players. Teams may want them.

Asche has been playing third base. He has been great defensively. He is not afraid to make a play or to get dirty. Just recently his offense started to develop. In his last ten games his average is .333. He has 12 hits and seven of them have resulted into RBI. Overall this season Asche has only played in 26 games. His average is .256 which is higher than a few players who have a lot more starts then him. This 23-year-old is just starting his career. The Phillies could use him at third base next season. However, if Young stays then they may start shopping the market as they need help in other areas.

Ruf can play first base as well as the outfield. He is hitting .258 in 46 games. He has 20 RBI including 11 homeruns. He has showed nothing but determination since he was called up to the Major Leagues. He is only 27 and has a lot of baseball left in him as well. He would help the Phillies as well as other teams as he can play multiple positions.

The Phillies have talked about rebuilding their team. Asche and Ruf are perfect pieces in doing so. If teams are interested though, they may listen because they also need to rebuild their bullpen as they have struggled this season. It will be interesting to see if they are both here next season.

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