Was Texas Rangers’ Mark Teixeira Deal in 2007 the Best Trade Ever?

By David Miller
Elvis Andrus Texas Rangers
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The more years that pass by after a big MLB trade the easier it is to tell who fared better. In 2007 Mark Teixeira was one of the best hitters in baseball and the Texas Rangers were one of the worst teams in all of baseball. That spells trade deadline deal to many people and he was sought after by every single team in contention. The Atlanta Braves won the sweepstakes in what could be one of the best trades in history. It wasn’t great for the Braves though; it was great for the Rangers.

To bring in Teixeira the Braves parted ways with one rookie major leaguer and four top prospects. If you didn’t pay attention this year or last year you should know that four prospects are almost never traded for one player. That is almost unheard of and you are about to see why if you don’t already know. The rookie catcher was Jarrod Saltalamacchia who was okay for the Rangers for years before finding a better niche with the Boston Red Sox. One minor league prospect was Beau Jones who remains a minor league pitcher to this day in the Miami Marlins organization. Then it gets really good for the Rangers.

Matt Harrison has been hurt this year but finished eighth in Cy-Young voting a year ago and has been one of the better starters for the few years he has been there. Plus one goes to the Rangers. Next up is relief pitcher Neftali Feliz. Feliz had 40 saves and the Rookie of the Year come his way during his rookie season and though hurt this year, has a 2.67 ERA for his career. He should be coming off of the DL soon for the stretch run. Plus two goes to the Rangers.

Anyone ever heard of Elvis Andrus? Yeah, he’s pretty good. He was the runner-up to the ROTY award in his debut season and remains one of the best shortstops in the game to this day. Teixeira lasted about a season for the Braves and they didn’t make the playoffs either season he played with them. The Rangers will be reaping the benefits of that trade for a while to come. Speaking of which, as an added bonus to this deal they traded Saltalamacchia to the Red Sox for Chris McGuiness and Ramon Mendez. McGuiness is trying his hand at the majors this season and Mendez has a 1.72 ERA and 0.946 WHIP for his double-A numbers. I think best trade ever could be very difficult to argue with.

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