Philadelphia Phillies: Can Jonathan Pettibone Recover For 2014?

By Rebekah Milsted
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies starting rotation have changed a couple times this season. It changed because of players having to go onto the disabled list. Jonathan Pettibone got his chance to make his Major League debut and make an impression. Unfortunately, he has been shut down due to a shoulder injury. Can he come back 100% in 2014?

Pettibone had an MRI on his shoulder and it showed that the only thing wrong was swelling. He is supposed to receive a second opinion.

Pettibone has been strong for the Phillies this season. He has a 5-4 record, which in my opinion is not bad for a rookie and he seemed to keep his nerves intact. Pettibone pitched just a little over 100 innings. In 18 starts he has 66 strikeouts, which is fourth out of the Phillies’ pitchers. He has given up 45 earned runs, which is fourth lowest out of the Phillies’ pitchers.

Pettibone is only 23 years old. He has plenty of baseball left in him. He will just continue to improve and continue to make a great impression. Pettibone has potential to go far.

Can this injury set him back? It may or may not. It most likely will not because it does not seem too severe. It was a good decision to shut him down now. If he continued to pitch, it could have made the injury worse. Pettibone could have been out for the start of next season if he did not stop. Many players today decide to play through their injuries. That results in longer time on the disabled list or even career ending injuries. It was a good decision to stop Pettibone’s season.

Pettibone has been a good addition to the Phillies. Hopefully he will recover and be a part of the team in 2014.

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