Philadelphia Phillies: Who Should Be In 2014 Outfield?

By Rebekah Milsted
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Phillies had openings in the outfield this season. It was a competition to see who would get the opportunity to play every day. It seems it will be the same for 2014.

Domonic Brown earned the spot of playing left field every day. In May and June, he started to show why he earned that spot. In May, Brown hit .303. He had 25 RBIs with 12 home runs. He ended up winning National League Player of the Month.

In June, Brown hit .278. He also hit six home runs. For the month of August, Brown is hitting .309. His RBI and home run production have slowed down, but he has 21 hits. He also has the speed and defensive skills needed. Brown deserves to keep his spot next season.

Darin Ruf did not at first get an everyday roster spot. He started the season down in the minor leagues. He was brought up in July and can play left field, right field, or first base. Ruf is hitting .258 this season. He has played in 46 games and has 42 hits. He has 20 RBIs and 11 home runs.

He never gave up and worked his way to where he wanted to be. That shows that he is dedicated to the game and wants to continue to improve. Ruf deserves to say up in the big leagues.

Ben Revere has been on the disabled list since July. He has a broken ankle. He was traded to the Phillies during the offseason to be the starting center fielder. They only got to see him for half a season. He started off slow but then really began to pick up his offense. Revere is not too much of a power hitter, but can become clutch in important situations.

He also finds ways to get on base. His average was .305. He had 17 RBIs and scored 37 runs. Revere also has speed, which helps on the bases and in the outfield when making catches. He deserves to keep his spot in center field when his foot is healed.

The Phillies also have John Mayberry Jr. and Roger Bernadina. They have been good defensively, but not so much at the plate.

It will be interesting to see what the Phillies decide to do. They have a lot of talent and only three spots to fill.

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