Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Injury Fit For A Soap Opera

By Brent Smith
Rick Osentoski- USA TODAY Sports

Will he play, will he not play? He’s in, he’s out. Look down, look up, I’m on a horse. Okay, so it hasn’t quite reached the ridiculousness of an Old Spice commercial but the saga of Miguel Cabrera is enough to make Nancy Grace want to do around the clock coverage from just outside the Detroit Tigers locker room. The drama of a potential back to back triple crown, the heat of a pennant chase all mixed with a guy who runs slower than I did in P.E but hits home runs so majestic you begin to think he doesn’t need legs to be the best player in baseball.

Truth is the indecision is really not good for anyone. It creates drama and suspense which is great if you are planning a Soap Opera but it’s not so great when you are talking about the heart and soul of your potential playoff team. The constant playing only seems to make the injuries worse and the slight breaks don’t seem to make an impact. The only decision the Tigers haven’t made is putting him on the disabled list which no one wants to see but if you ask Tigers fans what they would rather have more a World Series Championship or a Miguel Cabrera repeat Triple Crown the answer is pretty obvious.

Miguel Cabrera doesn’t need another triple crown to prove anything. Everyone already recognizes him as an elite baseball player whether he catches Chris Davis in home runs this season or not. The Tigers need Miguel Cabrera in October. If it was up to me I would have Miguel Cabrera in a giant bubble until the calendar turns to October. However, it isn’t up to me and so far that is obvious by the risking the Tigers have done with him. Jim Leyland doesn’t live in a bubble; judging by those cigarettes he smokes, risk is something he is okay with. Let’s hope the Tigers aren’t burned.

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